with clinical psychologist Dr Chantal Hofstee
(author of Mindfulness on the run)

This 4 week course teaches you research based techniques that reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms

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Week 1

How can mindfulness make you less stressed and happier

5 videos
2 guided exercises
reading material
50-80 minutes

Week 2

Mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety, depression and anger

5 videos
2 guided exercises
reading material
50-80 minutes

Week 3

How mindfulness can make you a better partner, parent and friend

6 videos
1 guided exercise
reading material
30-45 minutes

Week 4

Mindfulness to stop negative self talk

6 videos
2 guided exercises
reading material
30-60 minutes



Emotional balance
Overall wellbeing and happiness



depressive symptoms



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I learnt so much about the brain and how to practice mindfulness. Chantal Hofstee is an inspiring, clear and very patient teacher. I have found this course has enabled me to find calm even in the midst of busy or stressful days.

Monique Radford

primary school teacher

I truly enjoyed the Mindfulness course. It has a beautiful balance of theory and hands on exercises. I felt calm and refuelled after each class, as well as equipped with effective exercises. Chantal is a very skilled and kind practitioner that I recommend with confidence.

dr Sheetal Patel


Chantal hands you a set of useful exercises and tools to become more aware of your existing patterns and change them. A very interesting and highly recommended experience!

Jasper Boer

Graphic Designer

This course covered the psychological, neuroscience and practical dimensions to this skill better than I have ever been exposed before…my parents are Buddhists and in the past had tried to teach me meditation (but I was at the age when I was not keen to accept my parents good intentions!) but also over the last few years, my psychological colleagues, at work (I’m currently employed as a medical doctor training in Psychiatry at Waikato Hospital) have tried to impart some of their knowledge but not with the same breath as you were able to do in a short period of time…so congratulations
and thanks again!


MD in training


Frequently asked questions

Do you have money back guarantee

Feel free to test our free preview first. Your feedback is very important to us. If for some reason you are not happy with the product after the purchase, let us know and we will be happy to refund you. 

How Do I Begin the Course?

Simple advice what happens after purchase. You will be emailed the access details (Thinkific cupon). Or alternatively you can join the course and pay HERE…

A paragraph about how easy it is to do the course at your own pace…

Does the course help with depression?

The course will help reduce depression symptoms however if you are feeling severely depressed or suicidal we recommend you see a health professional such as a GP or psychologist.

How long can I access the course material?

Once you register for the course the material is available to you for 60 days. You can watch the videos as often as you like and the guided mindfulness exercises are downloadable so you will be able to keep them on your computer even after the 60 days. 

Do I Need Any Books or Materials for the class?

No, everything you need will be provided as part of the course material 🙂

Do I need to complete the course in 4 weeks?

You can start the course at any date and go through the material at your own pace, so no need to stick to the 4 weeks. You can re watch and reread material from previous weeks as often as you like. 

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